Doing Our Part to Help the Environment

ICI Autocolor Aquabase® Plus Paint System

Leading the way towards environmentally responsible business practices, Quality Collision has converted to a new environmentally friendly line of waterborne re-finishing paints. Partnering with PPG Industries and ICI Autocolor, world leaders in automotive finishes, Quality Collision’s efforts to go green stem from a proactive effort to create a safer environment for our community and workplace.

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Protecting Our Environment

Protecting the Lives of Our Employees

  • Our down draft spray booths have commercially insulated walls to keep heat in and use afterburners to quickly ramp up the heat. They also have computer programmed timers that shut off automatically, reducing the use of gas and electricity.

  • To reduce energy usage, we use fast-dry clear coats and infra-red UV lights to cure paint and shorten the duration of the spray booths bake cycles.

  • Our technicians are ASE Refrigerant Recovery and Recycling Certified to comply with industry standards and regulations for refrigerant recovery and recycling.

  • Excess paint and thinner is always recycled. Residue is washed off with a waterbased gun cleaner to eliminate fumes and eliminate solvent-based thinner use.

  • We recycle all cardboard, which is delivered to the Human Support Services in Waterloo. All sheet metal, aluminum, and plastic bumper body parts are recycled as well.

  • Spraying occurs in a downdraft spray booth with state of the art HVLP spray guns. This stands for high volume low pressure. Use of HVLP spray guns reduce overspray which will reduce harmful emissions and save paint.

  • We use water-borne paints which reduce solvent fumes resulting in cleaner air and a healthier work environment. Water-borne paints are also non-flammable, therefore, they reduce the risk of fire.

  • All spray applications (including primer, basecoat and, clearcoat applications) are performed in a spray booth or ventilated and enclosed prep station which minimizes painter and other exposures to solvents and other harmful components of paints and coatings during spray applications.

  • All of our painters wear fresh-air paint hoods that constantly supplies fresh outside air to the painter.

  • Painters also wear a full body paint suit to avoid skin absorption of toxins as well as impermeable gloves to prevent solvents from coming in contact with the skin.

  • All technicians consistently wear safety goggles or glasses at all times to prevent eye injury that can be caused from debris, equipment and other eye irritants. All Quality Collision Technicians are trained to focus on health and safety procedures on a daily basis to ensure an accident-free work environment.

  • We use automatic gun cleaners to reduce exposure to harmful cleaning solvents by allowing them to perform part of the cleaning process remotely. Automatic cleaners also recycle solvents in the cleaning process which reduces solvent waste.

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